About MediaLab

The MediaLab Story

MediaLab is the product of a collaboration between Paul Fekete, MD, a pathologist, and Tim Westover, a software architect and programmer. MediaLab was founded in 1995 by Dr. Fekete, who, during his tenure as laboratory director at a major Atlanta medical center, recognized the need for a platform to manage all the varied and critical types of metadata produced by a clinical laboratory in the course of its operation.
While computerization of patient results in the clinical laboratory had long been the norm, metadata related to quality, compliance, and education, which are equally critical to the successful operation of a laboratory or any healthcare enterprise, were comprised of a hodge-podge collection of folders, notebooks and hard drives in various locations, making it almost impossible to consistently access, maintain, update, and preserve this metadata for either daily use, audit or inspection.
Dr. Fekete's vision was to develop a platform that would facilitate the management of all this metadata, ultimately eliminating the need for paper or scanned records, freeing staff and management to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively, reducing costs, and increasing quality. This vision has evolved into our current cloud-based platform, which consists of multiple integrated applications that scale from small healthcare facilities to multi-hospital enterprises. We now serve an ever-expanding list of healthcare entities both nationally and internationally.
Three data streams are integral to the operation of any healthcare operation: patient data, financial data, and quality data. While the automation of patient and financial data is well established, the automation of quality data, which encompasses a myriad of processes and records, has lagged behind. It is MediaLab's vision to automate this metadata stream, empowering our clients, and ultimately their patients, to gain the quality and financial benefits of this endeavor.
Paul Fekete MD FCAP, CEO of MediaLab, Inc.


MediaLab's mission is to improve the quality of healthcare by providing state of the art quality management solutions.